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Tuesday, May 2nd


I don't update this thing much...
chewy on 05.02.06 @ 04:16 PM CST [link] [1 Exit]

Learning More about the Internet

College is more fun than high school. I have now more free time, plus I can arrange my own class schedule. Moreover, I was able to meet new people and widen my circle of friends. However, it can be quite scary since this is part of my first step into adulthood. I mean, I should carefully and seriously think about the degree that I want to pursue. I don’t want to end up in having a career that I will absolutely hate. Right now, I’m interested in the field of Computer Science. It is fascinating to know that you can do almost anything on the internet. First, I learned about the use of proxy servers. One of its types is lime proxies that include private and premium proxies and used to speed up internet surfing, hide your IP address, implement internet access control, bypass security restrictions and filters, and many more.